It sounds like the title of a bad eighties horror film about a sleepy little town, perhaps in Idaho. However, the Bedburg werewolf, Peter Stumpf, was tried and found guilty of werewolfism…uh, of werewolfercizing…uh, being a werewolf in 1589.

The trial took in Bedburg, Germany in the 16th century, long before CSI teams, and forensic evidence had been discovered, but there was evidence of Peter’s guilt. It was claimed that the left paw of the wolf had been cut off. Peter was found to be missing the same hand. Conclusion, Peter was a werewolf.

Peter admitted, while being tortured, that he was, in fact, a werewolf. He claimed that the devil had given him a belt that could turn him into a massive, furry beast with huge teeth and claws. Of course, they were breaking his bones on the rack (a medieval torture device) so he probably would’ve admitted to being a demonic rubber ducky if they had asked him to.

I have used the story of Peter Stumpf several times when looking for inspiration. He will be in the next installment of the Ishmael series. But he is also a part of the lore for another story that I wrote, and you can read that here.