I wrote a book about an evil witch. She spent thousands of years collecting souls for her magical book. One day a young man named Jack was able to trap her inside the book. The book was stored safely inside a museum for over a hundred years. Then the museum was shut down and the book of souls was recycled. Now, Jack’s soul is trapped inside a baseball cap, and he’s trying to help Ishmael, who of course knew nothing about a witch, or a book of souls, or anything.

I’m not sure how to promote books. I don’t know anything about that. I do know a lot about history. So, I thought I would write about interesting people from history. People who potentially could’ve had their souls stolen by an evil witch. Those souls being collected into a book of souls.


August 15th, 1769 to May 5th, 1821

He was a brilliant military leader and the subject of the first adventure for Ishmael and his magical hat. I chose Napoleon because I thought he was someone that most people would recognize. He is a very famous person in history. However, like so many other famous people from history, we kind of take for granted that we know the whole story.

Saying to someone one, “Hey, you heard about that guy, Napoleon?” A person might get a response like, “Yeah, the short guy,” or something like, “Oh right, that French guy.” Both of those responses are right. Napoleon Bonaparte was French, and he could not dunk a basketball…except on one of those plastic kiddy nets.

There is so much more to Napoleon than his French-ness, and his shortness. He was the Emperor of France, a position that he created, from May 18th, 1804 to April 6th, 1814. He was the last truly successful French monarch (The kind that rules countries, not the butterfly). The King that ruled France before Napoleon didn’t do so well either.

Napoleon was known for his amazing military mind. He really knew how to put together a battle plan. He was also the type of General that led his troops into battle. He walked in front of his men and they followed his brave example. Other than his terrible decision to invade Russia without bringing his winter coat, Napoleon led a very successful military career.

That was why he was so confident he would be victorious on the 18th of June 1815 during the Battle of Waterloo. Famously, Napoleon refused to leave his tent and just assumed that he would be able to defeat the Coalition forces. The British and Prussian (Germany wasn’t a country yet) armies defeated the French. Napoleon suddenly found himself in a country that was no longer willing to support his warring ways.


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